Rain delay can’t dampen Masters patrons’ excitement

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A rainy morning caused the gates to open late Thursday at Augusta National Golf Club, but that didn’t dampen patrons’ spirits.

Even though the gates opened an hour and a half late for the first round of the tournament, patrons tell us they kept the faith – but, were a little nervous at first.

Were you worried about the weather at all?

“I was last night, you know, but I got up this morning and looked at it and it’s down below us, so I said let’s go,” said patron Phillip Walker.

“It was a little challenging, been watching it for about 10 days. A little skeptical,” said Jason Hames.

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Many patrons heard horns blow on the course Thursday morning, signaling a lightning threat. They’re glad it was a false alarm.

“Yeah so they were trying to get us to go back to the cars in the parking lot to make sure everybody was safe, but it kind of passed through quickly so we were lucky,” said Matt Jakubowski.

Preparation was key, with a lot of patrons wearing parkas and rain boots.

“Can’t keep us down, this is a big day. We’re Canadian, we deal with weather all the time,” said patrons Jason Nitert and Paul Cousens.

And as the clouds started to disperse and the sun began peeking out, patrons knew the day was about to turn around.

“We have some friends that were golf gods in a past life, and they worked their magic,”

“It’s the Masters, everyday’s a beautiful day. So I think this rain’s gonna pass on by, I think we’re gonna see some sunshine later so we’re super pumped,” said Jakubowski.

Patrons believe it’s going to take a lot more than this to rain on their parades, but are hoping for optimal conditions for the rest of the tournament.

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