Railroaders continue on track by pummeling Amery

Feb. 4—ALTOONA — The Railroaders girls basketball team continues to soar in the regular season as post-season play gets ever so closer.

In a display of defensive prowess, the Railroaders got a 50-29 win over Amery on the road Saturday night to not only continue their winning ways, but to also move into a three-way tie at the top of the Middle Border Conference standings for the first time since they joined the conference three years ago.

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kAmq6D:56D E96 H:? @G6C p>6CJ — :? 2 82>6 E92E H2D C6D4965F=65 7C@> E96 >:55=6 @7 =2DE >@?E9 5F6 E@ :?4=6>6?E H62E96C :? E96 C68:@? — A6C92AD >@C6 :>A@CE2?E H2D E92E 2== 'a C@DE6C65 A=2J6CD A=2J65 2 =@E @7 >:?FE6D]k^Am

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kAmpD 7@C 96C E62>'D AF>>6=:?8 5676?D6[ !6A=:?D'D DF446DD E@ 52E6 E9:D D62D@?]k^Am

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kAmpD 7@C H92E E96 #2:=C@256CD H:== 36 H@C E96 9@>6 DBF25]k^Am

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