Raiders in talks to hold 2024 training camp in Southern California

For years the Raiders held their training camp in Napa in Norther California. But since the Raiders arrived in Las Vegas for the 2020 season, they have held training camp at their facility in Henderson, facing daily temps that often surpassed 110 degrees. As of this year, they could be sending camp back to California.

The City of Costa Mesa has announced that they are in discussions with the Raiders to hold this year’s training camp at their Jack Hammett Sports Complex.

The proposed agreement would have the Raiders paying the city $165K in rent along with providing $600K for field upgrades. And the Raiders have committed to holding public practices.

The City Council will discuss the plans on Tuesday, May 7. but the City Manager and Mayor both sound very confident it’s happening.

“Costa Mesa is proud to be one of only two cities in the country to host an NFL team’s summer training camp in a publicly owned facility,” City Manager Lori Ann Farrell Harrison said. “Jack Hammett is a treasure and we are excited to potentially have a new NFL team training here.”

Mayor John Stephens agreed.

“I’m pleased to welcome the Las Vegas Raiders and their loyal fans, ‘Raider Nation’ to the great city of Costa Mesa for training camp this summer,” Mayor Stephens said. “The Raiders and Costa Mesa share a commitment to excellence, and our partnership will greatly benefit the community. Many thanks to Newport-Mesa School District, especially Costa Mesa High School, for collaborating with us in this endeavor. To quote Al Davis, ‘Just win, baby!’”

The upgrades would be to fields three and four with camp taking place from mid-July through August.

Story originally appeared on Raiders Wire