Will the Raiders replace Derek Carr with Jimmy Garoppolo?

With Tom Brady retired and off the table, the Raiders will have to search for a different quarterback to replace Derek Carr. By now, everyone knows the names of possible replacements including Aaron Rodgers, Geno Smith, Jacoby Brissett and Daniel Jones.

But what about Jimmy Garoppolo? Kyle Shanahan of the 49ers said on Wednesday that the Pro Bowl quarterback won’t be returning in 2023 and that leaves the door open for him to join the Raiders. Would he make sense as a possible option for Josh McDaniels?

In a recent article by ESPN, their insiders simulated the NFL offseason and it was Garoppolo who landed in Las Vegas to replace Carr. How would that fit work? Here are the thoughts from senior writer Paul Gutierez on that move:

“It has been a minute (2016) since Garoppolo last played in McDaniels’ system, but it’s like riding a bike. At least, that’s what Las Vegas is gambling on here.

While many might see moving from Derek Carr to Garoppolo as a mere lateral move, all Garoppolo does is win. His career record of 40-17 shines next to Carr’s 63-79, and Garoppolo has more experience in McDaniels’ scheme.

The Raiders need to re-sign Jarrett Stidham, as well, and perhaps have a camp competition. They must still address the offensive line and defense, but the roster does have receiver Davante Adams, and any learning curve should not be very steep.”

The good news is that signing someone like Garoppolo would give the team stable QB play while allowing them to use more draft picks and cap dollars to improve the roster. The downside is that he clearly isn’t a long-term option and the Raiders still need to find their quarterback of the future.

But if the Raiders are looking for more of a stop-gap option, Garoppolo does make some sense. Expect him to be one of several veteran quarterbacks that the Raiders consider this offseason.


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Story originally appeared on Raiders Wire