Raiders DE Maxx Crosby trolls Detroit by showing up to stadium in Ron Artest Pacers jersey

Oh, this is good. Maxx Crosby showed up Monday Night to Ford Field in Detroit sporting a vintage Ron Artest Indiana Pacers jersey. This is elite level trolling by Maxx.

Some people will recognize right off the significance of this. But for others, it may require some explaining.

Artest — who later changed his name to Meta World Peace — was known for being one of the most violent players in NBA history. And his most infamous moments came in Detroit in what was quickly nicknamed the “Malice at the Palace.”

The Palace at Auburn Hills was the name of the Pistons’ arena.

Late in the game with the Pacers leading 97-92, Artest laid a hard foul on Pistons center Ben Wallace from behind, leading to Wallace retaliating against Artest. A fight immediately broke out between both teams and was eventually broken up.

While awaiting official word from the officials, Artest was laying down on the scorer’s table and a fan in the stands threw a drink and hit Artest. Artest jumped up and ran into the stands to go after the fan he suspected had thrown it (narrator: he attacked the wrong guy).

As you might expect, this escalated in a huge brawl involving fans in the stands and players from both teams. And even led to Artest punching another Pistons fan.

The game was called off, and the police had to stop it as well as escort the Pacers team out of the arena.

You can see video footage HERE.

Nine players would receive lengthy suspensions and significant fines for their part in the brawl, with five players and five fans all brought up on assault charges.

So, yeah, it would seem Crosby is sending a message with his wardrobe for tonight. He has some malice in mind. Though, that part would be nothing new.

Story originally appeared on Raiders Wire