Raiders' Maxx Crosby shuts down made-up Nick Bosa beef, says they're 'boys'

Crosby shuts down made-up Bosa beef ahead of 49ers-Raiders originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Since entering the league as part of the 2019 NFL Draft class, defensive stalwarts Nick Bosa and Maxx Crosby have faced comparisons at every turn.

Crosby, a fourth-round pick of the Las Vegas Raiders, and Bosa, who the 49ers took No. 2 overall, are two of the league's top defensive ends.

And while there might be some competition between them, there's certainly no bad blood.

"It's funny, because both fanbases always talk about -- for some reason ever since my rookie year, the Niners being from the Bay and Oakland as well, automatically people created this beef between me and Nick," Crosby told reporters Thursday. "People send me stuff all the time, like Niner fans coming at me saying I suck, and I'm like, 'Damn, I don't know what I did to y'all, I've never even played against y'all.'

"But yeah, they always go back and forth about me and Nick, but it's funny. Me and Nick have been boys ever since my rookie year. We talk all the time."

Despite the wide gap between them in the draft, Bosa and Crosby both have produced at high levels so far -- though Bosa missed a majority of the 2020 NFL season with a torn ACL, and Crosby has dealt with his share of injuries as well.

Since 2019, Bosa has recorded 42.0 sacks compared to Crosby's 36.5. Bosa, this season's Defensive Player of the Year front-runner, leads the NFL with 17.5 in 2022 -- a career high -- and Crosby's 11.5 sacks have him tied for ninth in the league.

"Seeing what he's done, his career has been incredible," Crosby said of Bosa. "We came in together in the same draft, so watching him and seeing what he does gives me inspiration, because I want to be the best and he pushes me. I see him, what he's doing, and I'm like, 'OK, you're doing that. I've got to keep going hard.'

"I've got a ton of respect for him. He's a great dude."

Crosby said he's proud of Bosa for his NFL success and that the 49ers star has lived up to every expectation of being a high draft pick.

And on Wednesday, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan shared his thoughts on Crosby with reporters.

"Their defensive end in Crosby is playing as probably the second-best defensive player in the league, at least that I've seen this year," Shanahan said of Crosby, leaving his obvious opinion of who is No. 1 up to reporters' imaginations. "I think he's been unbelievable, so they got some guys who can wreck games, and you better be on your stuff regardless."

Crosby didn't take Shanahan's 'second-best' comments as a slight.

"It definitely drives me, but obviously he's got to defend his guy as well, so I totally understand that," Crosby said. "Coach Shanahan is a great coach, great dude. I met him in the combine process, I met with him and the Niners staff, so I got a ton of respect for them, and just putting me in that conversation is special, for sure."

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As the 49ers and Raiders prepare to face off Sunday at Allegiant Stadium, Crosby is looking forward to going up against his friend Bosa -- and a San Francisco team he has plenty of respect for.

"It's not a coincidence they're doing well," Crosby said. "For me personally, I love playing against the best, so I definitely look forward to it."

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