Raiders give Maxx Crosby a raise for 2024, with no new years on his deal

Pass rusher Maxx Crosby is a great player and key leader for the Raiders. They know that, and they're taking care of him.

Via Adam Schefter of, the Raiders have given Crosby a revised contract that increases his compensation for 2024 by $6 million.

Another $1.2 million was moved into 2025.

Now new years were added to the contract. Crosby is signed through 2026.

Crosby's contract previously contained $19.382 million in pay for 2024, $21.92 million in 2025, and $21.92 million in 2026.

Crosby's current deal has a new-money average of $23.5 million. That's well below the top of the market paid by the 49ers to Nick Bosa — $34 million per year in new money.

So the $6 million raise is the least the Raiders can do. After this season, the right move might be to tear up the final two years and pay Crosby something closer to players like Bosa.