Raiders legend Tim Brown on playing Chiefs: ‘Kansas City had some of the smartest fans in the game’

The Kansas City Chiefs have faced their share of Hall of Fame opponents over the years, but perhaps none were more difficult to handle than then-Oakland and Los Angeles Raider receiver Tim Brown.

Brown, who recently sat down with Chiefs Wire’s Ed Easton Jr. for a lengthy interview, recounted his time playing against Kansas City during his time with the Raiders.

While the noise factor at Arrowhead Stadium noise is often discussed as the ultimate home-field advantage, Brown was one of many visiting players who felt the crushing weight of 100-plus decibels first hand.

“I’m on record as saying over the years that I’ve always thought that Kansas City had some of the smartest fans in the game,”  Brown explained to Easton. “They knew when to cheer and when not to cheer, and when something came on board for everybody gonna get quiet. They all got quiet, and at the same time, you look at that stadium. It’s an old school stadium where they’re pretty close to you.

“It’s one of the only places that I played that I would tape up my earhole of the helmet, just to try and cut back on some of that noise you hear. That fan base is incredible, man; they’re getting rewarded for a whole bunch of work that the boys did back in the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s because they deserve what they’re getting. And it’s a beautiful thing for it to happen. At the same time, my Raiders fans and boys need some love, too. So, I’m hoping that our boys can certainly help us out.”

The now-Las Vegas Raiders have the advantage of playing in a dome to amplify their crowd’s roars, but to hear Brown tell it, nothing can compare to the deafening sound of tens of thousands of Kansas Citians on their feet for a rivalry matchup.

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire