Raiders' Jerry Tillery ejected after extremely late hit on Chargers' Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert led the Chargers to a touchdown after a brutal late hit. (AP Photo/Ashley Landis)

Most defenses know you can't hit a quarterback as they are running out of bounds. The Las Vegas Raiders, however, might have missed that memo. Raiders defensive lineman Jerry Tillery was ejected from Sunday's game after an extremely late hit on Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert.

The hit occurred in the second quarter. With the Chargers driving, Herbert faked a handoff and was forced outside of the pocket by Raiders lineman Maxx Crosby. Herbert evaded Crosby and turned up the field when he started running toward the sideline. Half of his body was out of bounds when Tillery hit him.

Chargers players quickly came to Herbert's defense on the sideline. After a brief discussion, officials ejected Tillery from the game.

The hit looked bad in real time, to the point where even one member of the Raiders appeared to be against it. A screenshot of the play shows Crosby throwing his hands in the air as Tillery is taking Herbert to the ground. Crosby seemed to know it was a late hit and that a flag was coming.

The play didn't stop the Chargers. Herbert continued to lead the team down the field, and ended the drive with a touchdown pass to Keenan Allen that put Los Angeles up 17-7.