Raiders finish at No. 23 among consensus 2022 draft grades

There seems to be a big disconnect between how fans and local media grade the draft class for the Raiders versus the national media. By most accounts, the local media loved the class for the Raiders as they addressed the trenches.

But many on the outside believe the Raiders didn’t do enough to help their defense. If you look at the consensus grade and GPA of the top NFL draftniks, the Raiders actually finished at No. 23. Here are the grades put together by Rene Bugner on Twitter:

One of the reasons the Raiders might not be getting the same post-draft love as other teams is just due to the lack of draft capital. Other teams that were low on premium picks, such as the 49ers, Dolphins and Bears, all finished below the Raiders. So that could impact the overall grade.

However, it’s tough to be too upset about this class for the Raiders. They added depth where they needed it and got two SEC defensive tackle that should be able to help right away. Plus, they selected one of the most athletic interior offensive linemen in the draft in Dylan Parham.

We’ll see how the class does for the Raiders, but the overall expectations should be low considering where they were picking. Still, don’t be surprised if Dave Ziegler and the rest of the front office come out of this draft with multiple players who contribute this season.