Raiders fans started a chant about Antonio Brown, and it wasn't family friendly

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Good thing the second “Monday Night Football” game started in the middle of the night on the East Coast, after the children had gone to bed.

Oakland Raiders fans aren’t fans of Antonio Brown anymore, after he forced his way out of town and ended up with the New England Patriots.

When the Raiders took a 14-0 lead over a flat Denver Broncos team, a chant rose up from the crowd that could be heard on the ESPN broadcast.

Earmuffs, kids.

Raiders fans start Antonio Brown chant

Yes, the always classy Raiders fans were chanting “F--- AB!” loud enough to be heard during the extra point.

Needless to say, the language in the clip contains some expletives from a few thousand Raiders backers.

As Ben Roethlisberger would say, “Whatever.” You can’t blame Raiders fans for being salty.

Raiders fans don’t like Brown

Raiders fans chanted that after Oakland’s first touchdown too. And in the parking lot before the game.

It’s not surprising. Brown was a nonstop headache after the Raiders traded for him and gave him a raise. While it’s hard to believe Brown masterminded a devious plot over the summer to land in New England, it also seems possible he knew he had a golden parachute in his final hours with the Raiders when he demanded his release. No matter what, his lack of professionalism will be his Raiders legacy.

We’ll remember Brown’s time with the Raiders, and not for any good reason. Raiders fans certainly aren’t going to forget.

Raiders fans aren't happy with Antonio Brown. (Getty Images)
Raiders fans aren't happy with Antonio Brown. (Getty Images)

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