Raiders biggest need positions heading into 2024 NFL Draft

We are now inside two weeks from the 2024 NFL Draft. Not all positions will be approached the same by each team. Each club will look to fill their most immediate needs first in the hopes that they can get instant upgrades at their most glaring need positions.

There are only so many draft picks for each team, so not all need areas will be addressed with a day one starter. Some positions are also more important than others in terms of whether they can get by without a star talent in place.

For the Raiders, their glaring need areas are pretty clear. From there it’s just a matter of ranking them and figuring out the order in which they will go about addressing those needs. Much of that is dependent upon the value of prospect on the board when they make their selection. And for that reason, the ranking of need may not align perfectly with what position they address in a given round. Or if the position is addressed at all.

Even still, here are the biggest needs for the Raiders in this year’s draft in order starting with the most critical.

Story originally appeared on Raiders Wire