Raiders' big offseason thing: Stop wasting top talent

Yahoo Sports' Jason Fitz looks at the one big thing for Las Vegas's offseason - a need for a consistent starting quarterback so the team can capitalize on two top playmakers in Josh Jacobs and Davante Adams.

Video Transcript

JASON FITZ: The Super Bowl is in the rear view mirror. That means it's time to take a look at one big thing facing my beloved Las Vegas Raiders this off season, and it's a pretty simple question. What are you doing at the quarterback position? I know several people are asking this, but here's where the Raiders have something in common with all of the teams in the middle of the draft that are trying to figure it out.

You may want to be aggressive. You may fall in love with one of the top three picks in the NFL draft and feel like you have to have Caleb. You have to have Drake. You have to have Jayden. But what do you do if no matter what you package, the top three teams are not willing to move? That's a real possibility.

You can be as aggressive as you want, but you can't force them to take your trade. So if you're only in love with those three guys, and you can't get that trade done, now, what do you do? You can't reach for a quarterback because reaching for a quarterback in the first round is the sort of thing that sets you back several years. Just ask the Bears and Justin Fields. Just ask the Patriots and Mac Jones.

You get somebody in the first round, and it's not working for you, more often than not, it's catastrophic for your organization. So now what do you do? Do you bring in a veteran to try and push Aidan O'Connell, and is that something that Davante Adams is going to be particularly excited about? The Raiders have money to spend. They have some talent, but they're also currently in a pattern of wasting greatness.

Josh Jacobs a couple of seasons ago had a historic year. What did that result in? Virtually nothing-- six wins. Last year. Davante Adams continued to be great for the Raiders as did Max Crosby. What did that result in? Nothing-- no playoffs. The Raiders have got to find an answer at the quarterback position because if they don't, they're only going to continue to waste some of the best players in the NFL at their respective positions.