Raheem Morris: Our plan is to get the ball to Bijan Robinson as much as possible

It looks like anyone with a fever for more Bijan Robinson action is going to be in for a treat this fall.

Robinson said recently that he expects to have a Christian McCaffrey-type role in his second season with the Falcons and head coach Raheem Morris backed up that notion while speaking to reporters from the team's minicamp on Tuesday.

Morris was asked about the plan to get the most out of Robinson during the 2024 season.

"In the simplest form you can put it, get the ball to Bijan as much as possible in the most ideal situations as possible," Morris said, via Terrin Waack of the Falcons website.

Robinson produced 1,463 yards on 272 touches last season. McCaffrey had 339 touches for the 49ers last year and making up that gap could lead to a lot of good things for the Atlanta offense later this year.