A radio host lost a bet on Oklahoma State so Mike Gundy sent him a check

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What Mike Gundy sent to an Oklahoma City radio host. (Via WWLS Oklahoma City)
What Mike Gundy sent to an Oklahoma City radio host. (Via WWLS Oklahoma City)

If you lost money betting on Oklahoma State in 2018 you should send your losing bet slips to Mike Gundy. He may reimburse you for your losses.

The OSU coach sent an Oklahoma City radio host a $250 check after the host lost an on-air bet on the Cowboys. WWLS’ Rob Benton had bet that Oklahoma State would win at least eight games in 2018. OSU went 6-6.

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Gundy found out about the losing bet and sent Benton a letter and a personal check. The letter is pretty dang good.

“I have many H.S. buddies who consume way too much alcohol, which leads to listening to talk radio. The rumor is you bet on our team and lost your money. We came up short so I thought the manly [51] thing to do is reimburse a guy for believing in our TEAM. Thanks for your loyal support!”

If you made someone a bet on Twitter or another social media platform, Gundy will probably not reimburse you given his disdain for social media accounts.

Gundy sending Benton a check for $250 is like someone making $100,000 this year writing a check for $5. So while it’s a funny gesture, it’s not making a dent in the Gundy family bank account. Gundy’s 2018 salary is $5 million, so he could write 16,000 $250 checks and still have a $1 million salary for the season.

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Nick Bromberg is a writer for Yahoo Sports.

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