Racing action resumes at Hilltop Speedway

Late model driver Caiden Black celebrates in victory lane after picking up his first feature win.
Late model driver Caiden Black celebrates in victory lane after picking up his first feature win.

After a couple weeks off, racing action was back at Hilltop Speedway in Millersburg for a night filled with non-stop racing action.

With a stout field of Holmes Tire late models, "Fast" Freddie Carpenter would set quick time with a 14.943. Heat race winners were Corey Conley and Justin Chance with Nathon Loney picking up the dash. With the field set, the green was out for their 25-lap feature.

Outside pole sitter, Caiden Black, would jump out to the early lead as Carpenter battled Loney for second. Following a caution on lap seven, the field bunched back up to the green, Black would again secure the top spot as Carpenter drove his way to second.

Restart after lap 12, Black would continue to defend his position at the front of the field. Working up to lap traffic, Carpenter, Conley and Markham battling for position.

Unfortunately, following contact, Carpenter would spin into the infield with one to go. Remaining under green, Caiden Black would reign out front, leading every lap to pick up his first super late model feature win. Finishing second was Corey Conley, third Ryan Markham, fourth Drake Troutman and fifth Cody Scott.

"Rockin" Robin Duston would sweep the night in the Evan’s Elite Paving modifieds after setting fast time, 16.661, picking up the dash win and parking it in victory lane for his first feature win at the hill this season. After setting pole, the green dropped and Dustin would defend his position against DJ Cline. Pressuring lap after lap, Cline would work the bumper of Duston, ultimately setting up a side by side battle off turn four to the checkered with Duston able to maintain his top spot. Third went to Mark Baier, fourth Brett Mellor and fifth Mike Mudd. Heat race winners were Casey Butler and Mike Mudd.

No stranger to victory, Kyle Moore would pick up the lone heat race in the Direct Hydraulic Hose street stock division, placing him on the pole for the night’s feature. Following the drop of the green, Moore would take a familiar position at the front of the field where he would go on to park it in victory lane once again. Brad Hensel would finish second followed by Tyler Nicely, Trae Schonauer and Tyler Wiles.

A familiar face in victory lane, Jimmy Smith would pick up a heat race win and place him on the pole of the feature in the Snyder Hot Shot Truck and Trailer Repair modlite feature. After a caution filled feature, Smith would maintain the top spot, adding to his feature wins for the season. Rounding out the top five was Braxton Wilson, Emmett Myers, Clint Snyder, and Teddy Williams. Braxton Wilson and Logan Lewis would each pick up a heat race win on the night.

Following the redraw, Billy Parsons and Travis Gamble would set the pace to the green in the night’s CPR mini stock feature. Taking the early lead was Parsons as Doug Hensel began to work his way through the field up to second to pressure For the lead. Lap after lap, Hensel would work the bumper of Parsons. With the white flag in the air, Hensel would make his move, driving hard into turn one and two, side by side with Parsons down the backstretch. Entering the last corner, a drag race to the checkered, Hensel would edge out Parsons by a nose at the checkered to pick up the win. Corey Cecil would finish third, Zack Hershey fourth and Justin Cranmore would finish fifth after starting tail. Heat race winners were Parsons and Hershey.

Holmes Tire Late Models

Fast Qualifier-Freddie Carpenter 14.943

Heat- C. Conley, D. Dodd, J. Warnick, K. Tish, J. Bradford, R. Mardis, C. Endlich

Heat- J. Chance, V. Hottinger, R. Bollinger, D. Troutman, T. Hahn, B. Bee, M. McGinnis

Dash- N. Loney, C. Black, G. Lee, F. Carpenter, R. Markham, C. Scott

Feature-Caiden Black, Corey Conley, Ryan Markham, Drake Troutman, Cody Scott, Nathon Loney, Doug Dodd, George Lee, Vic Hottinger, Rick Mardis, Jeff Warnick, Reece Bollinger, Justin Bradford, Brett Bee, Freddie Carpenter, Justin Chance, Troy Hahn, Mike McGinnis

Evan’s Elite Paving Modifieds

Fast Qualifier- Robin Duston 16.661

Heat- C. Butler, R. Schmitt, M. Lam, R. Grogg, B. Hensel, C. Blair

Heat- M. Mudd, B. Mellor, J. Plance, R. Robey, J. Disbennett, D. Powell

Dash- R. Duston, J. Smith, DJ Cline, J. King, M. Baier

Feature- Robin Duston, DJ Cline, Mark Baier, Brett Mellor, Mike Mudd, Ryan Robey, Mitchell Lam, Jim Plance, Dwayne Powell, Jason King, Richard Grogg, Brad Hensel, John Disbennett, Jimmy Smith, Casey Butler, Ronnie Schmitt, Conner Blair

Direct Hydraulic Hose Street Stocks

Heat- K. Moore, B. Hensel, T. Schonauer, T. Nicely, L. Sprouse, T. Wiles, L. Duncan, T. Reed

Feature- Kyle Moore, Brad Hensel, Tyler Nicely, Trae Schonauer, Tyler Wiles, Logan Duncan, Luke Sprouse, Denny Shear, Tim Reed

Snyder Hot Shot Truck and Trailer Repair Modlites

Heat- J. Smith, E. Myers, T. Williams, C. Hubbard, M. Sibila, J. Preston, M. Amass

Heat- B. Wilson, C. Stillion, J. Bowman, N. Large, L. Heinberger, E. Large, J. Wood

Heat- L. Lewis, C. Snyder, T. Winterringer, D. Hubbard Jr, Darrick Hubbard, R. Dodd

Feature- Jimmy Smith, Braxton Wilson, Emmett Myers, Clint Snyder, Teddy Williams, Logan Lewis, Darrick Hubbard Jr, Cody Stillion, Jake Bowman, Nick Large, Ryan Dodd, Mark Sibila, Carson Hubbard, Mike Amass, Lance Heinberger, Evan Large, Darrick Hubbard, Travis Winterringer, Jon Preston

CPR Mini Stocks

Heat- B. Parsons, T. Gamble, K. Markey, D. Taylor Sr., J. Mercer, J. Cranmore

Heat- Z. Hershey, D. Hensel, C. Cecil, K. Long, J. Wheeler

Feature- Doug Hensel, Billy Parsons, Corey Cecil, Zack Hershey, Justin Cranmore, Travis Gamble, Kenny Long, John Wheeler, Jarret Mercer, Darrell Taylor Sr, Kevin Markey

This article originally appeared on The Times-Reporter: Racing action was back at Hilltop Speedway on Saturday night