Rabbit Fire Scorches More Than 3,000 Acres in Several Hours in Southern California

A wildfire dubbed the Rabbit Fire spread to more than 3,000 acres just hours after breaking out in Moreno Valley on Friday July 14, the California state fire service in Riverside County said.

Footage by Sergio Olmos shows the intense flames, as firefighters work to quell the blaze from the air and ground.

Shortly before 6 pm on Friday, the fire in Riverside County was at 600 acres, according to Cal Fire, but it spread to 3,300 acres by the end of the day, according to an update given shortly after midnight on Saturday.

The fire was 0 percent contained, the fire department said.

Fox Los Angeles said the fire was one of three separate wildfires to erupt just hours apart in the Moreno Valley. Credit: Sergio Olmos via Storyful

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