R. Kelly Charged In Minnesota With More Sex Crimes

R. Kelly may get to visit the beautiful Land of 10,000 Lakes soon, because he's been charged with even more sex crimes.

Hennepin County Attorney just made the announcement that Kelly has been charged with 2 felony counts for allegedly engaging in prostitution with someone under 18-years-old and offering to hire someone under the age of 18 for sexual purposes.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman claims that in 2001, Kelly met with a fan at the City Center shopping mall in Minnesota.

The fan was an underage girl who was attempting to get an autograph, and Kelly allegedly gave her his phone number with instructions to call.

When she called, the girl was directed to his hotel and ushered up to his suite. Officials claims Kelly offered her $200 to take her clothes off and dance, to which she obliged.

She was also given VIP tickets to an R. Kelly show, and when the girl was seen in the front row her brother asked what had happened and was told about the situation.

Freeman said the tip came into his office from the girl, and was investigated. He also mentioned that although sexual contact did occur, Kelly did not have sex with the Minnesota victim.

Because Kelly is currently in custody facing federal and state charges, Freeman said he was unsure when the R&B star would make it out to the Gopher State.

Freeman said that even though Kelly is facing multiple charges, victims in Minnesota are also "allowed their day in court."

Kelly's attorney has already voiced his feelings about the charges in Minnesota, tweeting, "give me a break. This is beyond absurd."

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