R. Kelly accuser recalls disturbing conversation with singer: ‘You just look about 14’

Yahoo Entertainment

On “CBS This Morning,” yet another R. Kelly accuser spoke out about the singer’s reported abuse. 20-year-old Faith Rodgers is suing Kelly for sexual battery and willfully giving her an STD.

Rodgers was 19 at the time and eventually dated Kelly for a year, before leaving due to the alleged abuse. Kelly has been the target of numerous accusations from minors and Rodgers recalled a disturbing conversation she had with him. After telling him that she was 19, he said, according to her, "You know, if you're really 16, you can tell daddy." After that, he reportedly commented to her that she looks 14.

At one point, she tried to get the singer to confess to giving her herpes in a taped phone conversation, but his defenses were up and he wouldn't broach the subject.

R. Kelly had no comment on Rodgers’s lawsuit and has previously denied all accusations of sexual abuse.

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