Quirky 'Jeopardy!' fan favorite continues to rack up the laughs and the loot

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Jeopardy! fan favorite Austin Rogers is still killing it on the show, and we’re not just talking about his now 12-day winning streak and prize money.

On Wednesday’s episode, host Alex Trebek prompted Rogers to share details about his outfit, saying, “Let’s talk about your wardrobe, because it has changed quite a bit in the two weeks you’ve been on the program. Everything you have worn, though, has been purchased where?” Rogers responded, “Thrift shops. I buy everything — everything except the black suit I’ve worn — everything I’ve worn, is from a thrift shop. Every blazer, every tie, jeans, shoes — all of it.” He added, “I buy everything at thrift shops. People on the Upper East Side will give away completely good things. Except health care, apparently.”

Known for his hilarious charade routines during the show’s opening introductions, Rogers played the role of an orchestra conductor to the “Jeopardy!” theme song on Monday’s episode, and made a balloon animal out of thin air — before mouthing to the camera that it was a puppy — on Tuesday’s show.

During a recent interview, Rogers explained how he comes up with his hilarious moves for every introduction. He shared: “Each time I kept forgetting that I needed to kill 11 seconds, so they’d announce the third position and I’d be like, ‘Oh no, I didn’t think of something. Crap, think of something — balloon animal!'”

As for his winnings, during Wednesday’s “Final Jeopardy”, the entertaining contestant had us worried for a second when Trebek asked him, “Austin, you seemed a little perturbed or perplexed by this clue. What did you write down?” Of course, Rogers was just bluffing, because he got the question right, which then raised his total winnings to an impressive $411,000 — in just 12 days.

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