Quinton Dunbar's attorney calls robbery allegation 'nonsense,' rips Miramar PD for tweeting arrest warrant

Ethan Cadeaux
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The attorney for former Redskins cornerback Quinton Dunbar remains adamant that his client is innocent and was not involved in an alleged robbery that occurred last week in South Florida.

Attorney Michael Grieco joined this Sports Junkies on Tuesday and said he has proof that Dunbar is innocent, calling the whole situation "nonsense."

"There was no poker game and there was never a statement that he wasn't there," Grieco said. "He always consistently maintained that he was at this party or barbeque. What we've also maintained if there was some sort of robbery, he definitely was not there. He didn't participate in any way, directly or indirectly, and the whole thing is nonsense."

Grieco also ripped the Miramar police department for tweeting out the arrest warrant.

"I've never seen a police department tweet out that they've issued a warrant for two people and then tag their employers in the tweet," Grieco said. "It is one of the most unprofessional things I have seen in my 20 years in the criminal justice world. I'm floored by it."

The arrest warrant was issued for Dunbar and New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker last Wednesday, as Dunbar was facing four counts of armed robbery following an incident that evening. Dunbar turned himself in two days later and was released on Sunday on a $100,000 bond.

The warrant claimed that both Dunbar and Baker's alleged actions stemmed from an argument over a card game and gambling. Additionally, the warrant suggested that both cornerbacks had lost a significant amount of money the Monday prior, and the robbery was a way for them to retaliate.


Grieco insisted that not only did the event never happen, but Dunbar wasn't even present for whatever transpired on that Monday.

"Those guys that claimed they were robbed also said he was with DeAndre Baker two days earlier and they were gambling somewhere else...They got the wrong guy," Grieco said. "They say on Monday night, Quinton was out gambling with those guys. I can account for every minute of his whereabouts on Monday night. He was nowhere with those guys."

When asked again later in the interview about the Monday incident, Grieco emphatically said the details of what went down were "absolutely false."

"There was a fifth statement that they took out of the arrest warrant that said there was no robbery," Grieco said. "They left that out."

Grieco explained on the Sports Junkies that he has obtained five written statements from that event and that those from those witnesses contradict what they initially said. Additionally, he was angry that the police department issued the warrant only after talking to the four original victims.

"I can tell you even further that these four victims since they've given their statements to the police, they have sworn written statements that are contradicting their own written statements," Grieco said. "They gave them to me and the attorney for Mr. Baker as well."

While it will take two to three weeks for the state's attorney's office to make a filing decision, Grieco believes this situation will be resolved rapidly.

"There's no evidence that this happened other than the statements of these four people," Grieco said. "There's no video, there's no audio, there's no firearms, independent witnesses that corroborate what they are saying. It's a fallacy from the beginning. He's always maintained his innocence and we will continue to do so. I'm pretty confident that his name is going to get cleared pretty quickly."

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Quinton Dunbar's attorney calls robbery allegation 'nonsense,' rips Miramar PD for tweeting arrest warrant originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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