Quinnen Williams was shocked to learn that Aaron Rodgers is in his 20th NFL season

At age 40, Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the oldest player currently under contract to any NFL team. Quinnen Williams, Rodgers' 26-year-old teammate, was shocked to learn today just how long Rodgers has been in the NFL.

As Williams talked to reporters at today’s offseason practice, a reporter prefaced a question by saying Rodgers is heading into his 20th NFL season. Williams couldn't believe it.

"Twenty years? I didn't know that. Aaron, 20 years in the NFL? Man," Williams said.

Williams then noted that Jets rookie running back Braelon Allen is only 20 years old.

"Isn't our running back, number zero, 20 years old? So he's been in the NFL as long as he has been alive," Williams said. "That's crazy, huh? I've got to joke with him about that."