Quincy Pondexter brought Buckets, his adorable Husky puppy, to Grizzlies practice

Cute dog alert:

That's Buckets, a very cute puppy who belongs to Memphis Grizzlies swingman Quincy Pondexter, and who recently tagged to a Grizzlies practice that was documented by Sports Illustrated as part of NBA-feature-writing beast Lee Jenkins' not-yet-online regional cover story on the Grizz. Buckets is a Husky, which makes sense, what with Pondexter having played his college ball at the University of Washington.

As if we didn't have enough to love about the Grizzlies, between their brilliantly bruising play, Zach Randolph being a jackin' dude who loves dogs and is scared of cats, Marc Gasol being a super crafty defensive monster and the whole team's love for cramming into elevators, now we've got Buckets. No fair, Memphis. Leave some lovability for the other teams.

Hey, want some more Buckets? Sure you do. We all do.



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