Quincy Douby, former Sacramento Kings guard, scores a record 75 points in a Chinese Basketball Association game (VIDEO)

Former NBA guard Quincy Douby was always an intriguing player, one of those afterthought draftees that had just enough scoring potential and goofball name recognition to become an underground favorite. Someone to take over where, say, Vonteego Cummings left off. Unfortunately, Douby never really panned out as a member of the post-Chris Webber Sacramento Kings. The Rutgers product never shot over 40 percent with the team, he didn’t exactly pan out during a short stint in the D-League, and his last NBA turn with the Toronto Raptors in 2008-09 (4.4 points per game in 10.4 minutes a contest over seven games, shooting 54 percent along the way) wasn’t enough to keep the Brooklyn native in the NBA.

It was enough to land a CBA gig. The Chinese Basketball Association, of late, has been a go-to refuge for ex-NBA players, and on Wednesday Douby set a mark with his Zhejiang Golden Bulls that could last for quite a while. The 6-3 guard registered 75 points in a win over the Shanxi Brave Dragons in only 36 minutes. Watch each and every one of those points, with accompanying hip hop beats, here:

The mark is the highest in the CBA’s 18-year history, one that eclipses the 71-point record set by former Memphis Grizzlies guard Andre Emmett.

If you’re calling into question the level of competition, you’d be right. This was a 154-129 win for Douby’s team, and Quincy’s nearly two points per minute ratio was clearly aided by subpar defense from lacking members of the Brave Dragons. Of course, that substandard defense can’t be termed a local phenomenon. The Brave Dragons’ center, former D-League banger Charles Gaines, registered 60 points in the loss against ex-Bulls and Knicks eight-figure earner Eddy Curry. A second look at the clip above tells you what you’re in for with the CBA – spirited play but iffy athleticism.

From here, it’s safe to wonder about Douby’s stateside prospects. The CBA season ends in time for Douby to not only grab an NBA contract for the remainder of the 2012-13 season, but also be signed in time to make a playoff roster. He’s played in Turkey and Spain since his NBA exile in 2009, and at age 28 is likely in his physical prime.

It would be a tough transition to go from being allowed to dominate the ball as a member of the Golden Bulls to a possible role as a fourth guard on an NBA team, but 75 points in a professional game is still 75 points – especially when you consider the fact that Tracy McGrady actually played solid NBA ball last season, and yet he’s experiencing significant struggles in the CBA.

Then again, according to NBA247365.com (the first site to create a column out of Douby’s highlight reel), Quincy now holds CBA records for the most points in an All-Star game (44), a Finals contest (53), and now a regular season affair. He may just want to play out the string in a league that has served him quite well, and we wouldn’t blame the guy.

We would blame Eddy Curry, though. Sixty points from Charles Gaines? Come on, EC.

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