The quickest and easiest way to fix the Cowboys offensive line in 2024

Not many people will argue the idea that the Cowboys’ biggest need going into the 2024 NFL draft is the offensive line. Free agent losses at starting left tackle and center have rendered the unit problematic and without proper attention paid in the draft, the Cowboys stand to field one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL.

This harsh reality has caused many to believe the Cowboys will double dip at OL early. Since most well-regarded LTs are found in the first round, conventional wisdom has Dallas going in that direction with their first pick.

OC boasts more depth but it’s still something the Cowboys have to prioritize given the importance and immediacy of the situation. With two picks going to the offensive line at or near the top of the draft, it doesn’t leave much for the rest of the roster.

But maybe this line of thought is making the offensive line issue more complicated than it needs to be?

There is a quicker and easier way to fix to the offensive line after all. The Cowboys haven’t exactly been conventional in anything they’ve done this offseason, so why would why start now?

The simplest solution to fixing the offensive line problem is using the first-round pick on an elite center. Such a move would bring in the highest rated OC prospect to Dallas since Travis Frederick.  It would understandably require Tyler Smith to move to the critical LT spot, but it would essentially shore up the line in one fell swoop.

A lineup of Tyler Smith, T.J. Bass, first-round OC, Zack Martin and Terence Steele may not strike fear in the hearts of opponents but it’s certainly serviceable. It would free the Cowboys to address other worrisome positions by not double-dipping on the offensive line.

The Cowboys could still feel tempted to bring in a LT prospect later but given their luck with midround OTs over the years, they may want to steer clear of that temptation.

None of this is the prescribed remedy to the situation per say. LT is a much higher value position than OC and much more worthy of a first-round investment.

Then again, if someone like Graham Barton projects as an All-Pro and the Cowboys can get by in 2024 with just one OL pick, then maybe that is the best way to go. They could always ride the season out and readjust in 2025, drafting a LT and moving Smith back to his left guard spot.

Given the situation in 2024 the best strategy may ultimately be the simplest.

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Story originally appeared on Cowboys Wire