Queen Latifah's Story Of Being Stranded At Sea On 'Fallon'

Superfan TV

Queen Latifah stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and told Fallon the harrowing story of being trapped on the Hudson River in a boat she'd bought after earning her first big check. Even though she knew nothing about boats, turns out that doesn't really matter in Jersey. With a "hook up at the DMV" Latifah was able to get a boat license and so she took to the Hudson with her dad and her business partner in tow.

Things quickly went awry when she discovered the boat moved at a snail's pace. While surrounded by massive ships that were creating wakes, she ran out of gas.

Latifah said, "Rain starts pouring down. It's storming. The water is rocking. We're out of gas. We're drifting back out toward sea. Shakim is so sea sick he can't even do anything. He just goes, and lays down."

As you might have guessed the star of Girls Trip fortunately lived to tell the tale after they radioed for help but only after being rescued by a "crazy dude" in a boat. Latifa said, "I'm like, 'How much crack did this guy do before he came to get us?'"

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