Quavo Says His Assistant Makes $5,000 a Day

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Being a Migo isn’t an easy job, but it’s one that pays well. So much so that even their assistants are making a good amount of money, albeit nothing relative to the kind of cash the group is raking in.

Quavo recently shared a picture of his assistant holding an umbrella over himself, with a fan by Quavo’s face to keep him cool. The rapper revealed his assistant is making $5,000 a day for his services.

“5k a Day My Asst. A Millionaire,” Quavo captioned the photo, tagging the account @jwaash_, who commented “love you unc!” His name’s Joshua Washington and his profile says he’s both Quavo’s assistant and operations management for Quavo’s Huncho Records. Quavo recently tagged him in a July 4th pic.

While the assistant may not be a millionaire yet—depending on how long he’s been working for Quavo—if the caption is true and the assistant is on call daily, he’s making roughly $182,000 a year before taxes. Quavo, on the other hand, was estimated to make anywhere between $20 to $80 million over the last year, as determined by multiple different outlets with varying levels of credibility.

Quavo also shared an IG Stories post of the assistant using an electric fan to keep him cool under the umbrella:

While there may not be any recent job postings for Migos assistant positions, the job clearly pays well. It also appears their budget for help doesn’t threaten larger crucial expenses, like their ice. In a conversation with Complex, the trio discussed the importance of jewelry in hip-hop and the culture.

“It’s just so important for culture right now,” Offset explained. “A lot of people spend a lot of money on it and we want to give knowledge on what you’re spending your money on. It’s a big part of hip-hop so we’re just breaking it down. We’re the kings of the ice so we’re just putting you on game.”