Who are the quarterbacks to target in the mid-rounds?

Yahoo Sports' Andy Behrens and The Action Network's Chris Raybon discuss which quarterbacks might be good targets during the middle rounds of a fantasy draft. Subscribe to the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: OK, well, I'm looking at the middle tier right now. The names I particularly like here-- and just give me some knee jerk thoughts on these guys. I really like Carson Wentz at that price.

I like-- kind of sort of like Jared Goff at that price. I kind of sort of like Daniel Jones at that price. And I don't even know if the market has Joe Burrow in that range, but I really like Jim Burrow.

CHRIS RAYBON: Oh yeah, you said-- those are my four guys. Like, those are my four guys Carson Wentz has a ton of upside. This has been a guy that, you know, has played at an MVP level.

We are looking at him and saying, hey, his receiving corps might be a little bit, you know, shaky. But in reality, he's got two really good tight ends. He's got a field stretching wide receiver in DeSean Jackson and another one waiting in the wings in Jaylen Rager.

So you know, love Wentz. I think he has tremendous upside. And he can actually run a little bit. It's kind of been up and down with him with the rushing I think maybe because of the injuries. But he can add a little bit on the ground, which, I like that Wentz can do that.


CHRIS RAYBON: Daniel Jones had for-- three games of four or more touchdown passes. He's got a bad defense, and he's got a good pass-- good to-- you know, good to great pass catchers all around him, you know? Either they're very serviceable guys, or they're like great for their position, like a Saquon or Evan Engram.

So love Daniel Jones. And then Burrow, I mean, he's-- if you watched him play football last year, this guy is ridiculously good. I don't know if it translates immediately but there is no way-- there is in no way, shape, or form, if I wait on quarterback, do I want to weave without Joe Burrow because, like, this guy is so good.

He's going to have a bad defense just like Daniel Jones. So love that. He is-- he was one-- he was the most efficient rushing quarterback in college football, I believe, last year. He's going to add points on the ground.

So really-- you know, really comes down to how good is that that supporting cast in year one. But I love him. And Jerry Goff is-- you know, the Rams threw the most-- what was, second most-- one of-- they were like top three in pass attempts last year.

And if you look at what they're doing, they're going to continue to throw the football. You know, they got-- they kind of reshaped their offense around the short and intermediate game. You know, that's why you saw Tiger Higby take Gerald Everett's spot. You know, Van Jefferson was drafted as another kind of intermediate, pre-ready, you know, route runner. So I think they're--


CHRIS RAYBON: --going to continue to throw the football, and their defense probably won't be as good because Wade Phillips is gone and Wade Phillips is a God. So like, you know, I think-- and Goff is a guy. He's going-- he can put up numbers, you know?

It's-- he's not the greatest real life quarterback. But remember, there'll be no fans in the stands. So he's going to be able to hear Sean McVay in that headset.

ANDY BEHRENS: That's a good call. That's a good call, yeah.

CHRIS RAYBON: Every time and even on the road. Yeah, I like all those guys but Burrow and Jones especially.