Quarterback of 0-10 team: “I’ve got to be better”

Darin Gantt

Ryan Finley may not have been given the best chance for success. The Bengals were winless and without their best offensive player but with a messed-up offensive line when the rookie was given the starting job.

That he hasn’t turned things around isn’t his fault, to say the least. But he’s a good sport, so he owned his part of it anyway.

I’ve got to be better. I don’t think I played well enough for us to win this game,” Finley said, via Tyler Dragon of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “A lot of these NFL games come down to one score, and you need to score in the two-minute situations. Just got to be better, all around.”

Well, perhaps.

Finley is 29-for-61 passing for 282 yards, with a touchdown and two interceptions in two starts. The 47.5 completion percentage is bad, the 4.6 yards per pass attempt is worse, as he’s 1-of-6 on passes beyond 20 yards.

“We are just not getting enough explosive passes, it’s got to be so methodical coming down the field, to get the points, and that has really been the story of our year to an extent. Being explosive down the field and getting those long touchdowns,” rookie coach Zac Taylor said. “It’s not easy, it’s not easy. We are just trying to find ways to give our guys a chance to be explosive and we are going to keep searching.”

But hey, they’re 0-10, so there’s room to develop for the future, so there’s no real reason to not see what they have in the fourth-round pick.

And if it doesn’t work, they’ll have a better chance to draft the next one.