Quarantine Scenes: Re-imagining classic scene from 'Miracle'

DJ Bean
NBC Sports Boston

Feeling restless during quarantine, the dream team of Gary Tanguay, DJ Bean and director Adam Hart (Mall Walkers, Scootin'), decided to recreate classic movie scenes from their homes and stitch them together.


DJ Bean: Tour de force from Gary. It seemed kind of silly that we'd done a few of these without really letting Gary just do his thing, so Miracle seemed perfect. Gary also hooked up the Eruzione and Zolak cameos. I like working Zo into these for some reason. Wouldn't rule out hitting him up for more of these.

Oh, and the cutaway to the dogs is 100 percent stolen from Chelsea Peretti's "One of the Greats." 

Adam Hart: Did I think Gary could nail this speech? Sure.

But let's say I didn't. Booooooooy would I have been proven wrong! That performance, coupled with the cameos, make this our strongest scene yet.

I cut down some of the dramatic pauses for time, but he recorded the entire speech straight through. He did multiple stationary angles, but I chose this one because his son followed him around with the camera - gave it a raw feel, which you get in the movie from the shots in the locker room. Sorry, in hockey they call it a dressing room.

All credit to Gary for somehow getting Eruzione to do this, and DJ gathering the NBCSB cameos.

Gary Tanguay: Working with DJ and Adam forces you to raise your game. To take it to the next level.

Special thanks to Mike Eruzione - the captain of 1980 Gold Medal Olympic Hockey Team. What a great guy! The rest of the cameos, including Zo's mouth drop, Phil's game face and Bo Curran made the difference.

Finally, I was not playing Herb Brooks. I was playing Kurt Russell playing Herb Brooks. 

Quarantine Scenes: Re-imagining classic scene from 'Miracle' originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

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