Who has qualified for EURO 2024? Who is in the playoffs?

EURO 2024 is coming to Germany this summer and the hosts have been joined by 20 other nations who have all automatically qualified for EURO 2024, but there is still a bit to be decided.

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Three more nations will qualify for the 24-team tournament via the playoff route.

This EURO will be staged in 10 cities across Germany, as the hosts look to break a tie with Spain for the most titles in European Championship history (three).

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Germany last acted as sole host in 1988 (in then-West Germany), though four matches were played there at EURO 2020.

What is the EURO 2024 playoff schedule?

Path A

Thursday, March 21: Wales vs Finland (Cardiff)
Thursday, March 21: Poland vs Estonia (Warsaw)

Tuesday, March 26: Wales or Finland vs Poland or Estonia (Cardiff or Helsinki)

Path B

Thursday, March 21: Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Ukraine (Zenica)
Thursday, March 21: Israel vs Iceland (Budapest, Hungary)

Tuesday, March 26: Bosnia and Herzegovina or Ukraine vs Israel or Iceland (Zenica or Wroclaw, Poland)

Path C

Thursday, March 21: Georgia vs Luxembourg (Tbilisi)
Thursday, March 21: Greece vs Kazakhstan (Athens)

Tuesday, March 26: Georgia or Luxembourg vs Greece or Kazakhstan (Tbilisi or Luxembourg City)

Qualified nations for EURO 2024

  1. Germany (hosts)

  2. France (Group B winner )

  3. Belgium (Group F winner)

  4. Portugal (Group J winner)

  5. Spain (Group A winner)

  6. Scotland (Group A runner-up)

  7. Turkiye (Group D)

  8. Austria (Group F runner-up)

  9. England (Group C winner)

  10. Hungary (Group G winner)

  11. Slovakia (Group J runner-up)

  12. Albania (Group E winner)

  13. Denmark (Group H winner)

  14. Netherlands (Group B)

  15. Romania (Group I)

  16. Switzerland (Group I)

  17. Serbia (Group G runner-up)

  18. Czechia (Group E runner-up)

  19. Italy (Group C runner-up)

  20. Slovenia (Group H runner-up)

  21. Croatia (Group D runner-up)