Quake Champions gunning for esports with competitive team and 1v1 modes, free characters

Bethesda’s upcoming shooter Quake Champions is being built with competitive play in mind, according to id Software’s Tim Willits.

Speaking in an interview with Goodgame.ru (translated via ESR), the executive director spoke about how the game’s Sacrifice and Duel modes are being built for competitive team and solo play, respectively.  

Sacrifice is described by Willits as an “objective-based game mode” and that developers are working with pro players on the mode. Quake Champions will also bring back the 1v1 Duel, a skill-based mode. There isn’t much in the way of 1v1 offerings in the competitive FPS landscape right now, so it will be interesting to see how the mode is received.   

Quake Champions will have modes built specifically for esports. (Bethesda)
Quake Champions will have modes built specifically for esports. (Bethesda)

Willits confirmed that all future Champions will be added for free. Quake Champions will include the Ranger character to play for free upon release. Other Champions will be unlockable in-game through playing, or players can opt to purchase the full game with all the Champions (and future characters) unlocked.

The game will have ranked matchmaking for Duel and the team game modes, and Bethesda has enlisted the help of a third-party organization to implement anti-cheat measures.

Quake Champions will have a closed beta period “in the next few weeks.” Sign-ups for the beta opened earlier this month. Quake Champions does not currently have a release date.

Willits also confirmed that the game will be featured in a tournament at QuakeCon 2017, which is scheduled to run August 24-27.

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