QCA Hawkeye pep band member ready for Final Four

QCA Hawkeye pep band member ready for Final Four

Davenport native Daniel Sebille is a bassist for the Iowa Pep Band, and he’s ready to rock as the Hawkeyes compete in the Final Four.

Sebille reflected on the upcoming matchup against UConn and how far he’s come. Sebille joined Iowa’s pep band in 2019 as a bassist, and he says he was destined to become a Hawkeye. “I’ve been bleeding black and gold my entire life,” Sebille said. “My parents, they met while in marching band. Many of my parents’ close family friends I knew growing up as pseudo godparents or pseudo aunts and uncles, they are all band friends my parents made over the years.”

Sebille says the band members are ecstatic to get the chance to perform at the Final Four again, especially with Iowa’s chance for redemption. “The whole band is super excited,” Sebille said. “I’m super excited, and I know that I’m definitely going to have my amped cranked up a little bit louder for this game.”

He also takes pride in bringing the most energy and passion possible to enhance Iowa’s home court advantage. “I’ve learned to project my voice and lead a group over the years,” Sebille said. “I’m pushing myself to the limit to just get other people to catch on. For example, if we are on defense, lets make some noise to make this more difficult for the team on offense.”

Sebille said he is in awe of the recent buzz Caitlin Clark and her teammates have brought to women’s basketball, to Iowa and to the game in general. “Especially in the last year, the hype has grown expeditiously with the women’s team, and it’s been fantastic to watch them settle in into this energy, this atmosphere that they are bringing to all the games,” Sebille said. “Seeing them play before COVID is a night and day difference of overwhelming support. The growth is astounding.”

Sebille says the Iowa Pep Band will have pregame rallies while also playing during timeouts. They can perform during free throws to cause the occasional distraction. He says being in the band gives members a chance to catch games when they couldn’t otherwise. “Not everyone, especially this past year, is fortunate enough to get tickets for these games,” Sebille said. “We still want to show support. We are using our talents and our skills with our instruments to show our love and energy in a different way.”

Despite some nervousness for big games like the Hawkeyes’ matchup in Cleveland, Sebille is thankful for even having the opportunity to perform. “I’m really just letting my love for the black and gold just show through in everything that I do,” Sebille said. “To support not just our team but also the band and the fans that come up and watch and listen to us play.”

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