Q&A with top-40 forward Dawson Garcia

Corey Evans, Basketball Analyst


Decision day has finally come for one of the nation’s best forwards. On Wednesday, at 4:30pm EST, Dawson Garcia will make his college decision, choosing between Indiana, Marquette, Memphis and Minnesota.

A 6-foot-10, 215-pound power forward that can fill a variety of holes in the frontcourt, Garcia has led a national recruitment dating back to his sophomore year. The 36th ranked prospect within the Rivals150 has the talent and physical tangibles to immediately enhance one program’s standing and improve its chances of success next season.

Where that will be remains up for debate but it was topic he was willing to broach prior to his commitment tomorrow. Catching up with the four-star prospect for a complete Q&A session, Garcia discussed his feelings for his finalists, what stands out about each, and what will go into his final decision.

Corey Evans (CE): What has it been like coming to this decision for you?

Dawson Garcia (DG): It has been great but it has been a very hard decision that I am still weighing out a little bit but I am just excited that on the (November) 20th, I will have my mind made up.

CE: So, you’re down to a final four. Indiana and Archie (Miller) came in for you on Sunday. What has been their pitch to you throughout and what are your feelings for that program?

DG: Coach Tom Ostrom, Archie, I have a great relationship with them, along with the rest of their staff. The fan base is insane and I felt super comfortable with the players and the players coming in next year. That is definitely a positive, as well.

CE: What was that visit like for you, getting to experience Indiana basketball up and close?

DG: The tradition there, it is crazy, and it is just really cool to see how passionate the fans are. Even just, whenever I was there, they were shouting me out, taking pictures with me, and I just thought that it was really cool to see the tradition, and the gym is super cool as well.

CE: Marquette has been on you for a while now. I know that Coach Wojo (Steve Wojciechowski) and your relationship is strong. Talk me through all of that.

DG: Like you mentioned, my relationship with the coaches is great. They have put in a lot of effort and time, as well as, whenever I went on my visit there, I really enjoyed the players. I could see myself doing some of the things that they were showing me and that they have done with players in the past. It was a really good visit.

CE: How did they talk about how they might use you there?

DG: They just want to bring me in and I guess, let me have freedom and play through my mistakes and all of that as a freshman, lead the team and do some serious damage.

CE: Penny (Hardaway) came in on Sunday for you, too. Memphis has gained some traction nationally since his hiring so what are your feelings there for them?

DG: It is a great program with great coaches. Their skill development is through the roof along with the players there; they are really buying into what the coaches are saying. They are preparing them for the next step at a very high rate. Coach Penny and Coach Mike (Miller), they have both been there so they are just trying to help and give back.

CE: Replacing Precious (Achiuwa) and James Wiseman, two potential lottery picks, that seems to be their sell with you?

DG: Yeah, that is their sell, just with the open minutes that would be there for me to take advantage of.

CE: Lastly, the in-state Minnesota program. What is that all about?

DG: I just think that it would be dope to wear the Minnesota across my chest and really rep for my state and having people rally around you. That has kind of been their pitch to me and I have a really good relationship with Coach (Richard) Pitino and Coach Kyle Lindsted is my guy. Their players, I have been growing up with them my whole life so I have a really good relationship with all of the players there.

CE: When it comes down to it, what will be the deciding factors for the one school that you choose?

DG: Deciding factor will definitely be my relationship with the coaches and their vision for me.