Q&A with top-10 forward Isaiah Todd

Corey Evans, Basketball Analyst
Rivals Basketball Recruiting

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Isaiah Todd will likely be next top-10 prospect to make his college commitment. The five-star forward has been one of the more covered and coveted prospects in recent years, and now just two programs remain in the hunt for his commitment.

The 6-foot-10 power forward narrowed his list earlier this week to Kansas and Michigan. He is a game-changing prospect that can work in a variety of systems and boasts the physical dimensions that will soon make an NBA Draft prospect.

We sat Todd down, prior to his Oct. 17 commitment date, to discuss such topics as his finalists, thoughts on playing for Juwan Howard and Bill Self, and what will ultimately go into making his college decision.

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Corey Evans (CE): Let’s get to it. You narrowed your school list the other day to Kansas and Michigan. First, why these final two?

Isaiah Todd (IT): Some of the other schools, they got certain commits and some schools, I am just not able to go to, so obviously, they were self-eliminated. Memphis, I just didn’t hear from them so, that was that. These two schools, though, they were going to be my top two schools because they are really similar with what they are preaching and what they are selling to me. I like both coaches, both programs and both teams. Based on both of those visits, I still feel the same about both schools so it is going to be a tough choice.

CE: You went to Michigan earlier this fall so what really opened your eyes about that program on your visit?

IT: The new coaching staff with Juwan Howard, him being a former coach and player in the NBA, that was obviously appealing. The guys and the team there, they treated me great and they love Juwan and you feel that they are a family there. That visit just changed my whole view of Michigan.

CE: Then you went to Kansas last week. You visited that program in the past?

IT: No, I never had visited Kansas before but they had recruited me for the longest time.

CE: What was it like getting out there finally for Late Night?

IT: I was just excited to get there since they have been recruiting me since the beginning of my freshman year, and everybody just talks about the Kansas visit, especially Late Night. I was just excited to see the facilities that I heard so much about.

CE: What is your relationship like with the coaching staff?

IT: We have a good relationship, especially with me and coach Bill Self. He has just been talking to me about coming in and being the face of the school, be a one-and-done, so me and him have a very good relationship.

CE: Did he speak with you on the recent penalties that they are facing?

IT: Obviously, with all of the allegations and stuff, it is nothing new. He just preached that he would be fine and if anything were to happen, that I would be fine. I honestly think that it could turn around and be a positive. If I was to go there, it would show that I really trust him and that he would obviously trust me.

CE: What is going to go into that decision of yours?

IT: The most important thing going into my decision is what my family thinks, what my mom thinks, and it is going to come down to the details. I love both schools.

CE: Will you sign next month or what are you thinking?

IT: I don’t know yet. I still have to talk to my mom about that.

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