PV's Moore gears up for postseason wrestling

Feb. 12—JEFFERSON — With Brennan Moore, the ideas seems to be to go for everything or just get off the mat.

Moore's 175-pound match against Jefferson's Jeremy Shank on Saturday was unfortunately interrupted by an injury to Shank in the first period.

But in the short time that he and Moore tangled on the mat, the strength and physicality Moore has become known for was on display, as was the no risk, no reward attitude that he competes with.

Moore went to work early, scoring a take down and getting a turn for backpoints. Within seconds, though, he had to escape off his back to get out of trouble.

Seeing Moore go from the right side of a pinning combination to a wrong one is nothing new to PV Coach Dave Miller.

"Brennan is just a different kind of wrestler," Miller said with a bit of a laugh. "He's all or nothing, and by this point, it's kind of hard to break him of it. It's kind of a hope it works out kind of thing. More times than not it comes out in our favor, but there's some things he needs to shore up before he wrestles the better kids."

It has definitely worked out more times than not for Moore, as his record of 30-9 indicates. But, with the postseason now less than two weekends away, he knows the importance of not making the kind of mistake that can end his season.

"Eighty percent of this sport is technical," he said. "You can go far with strength, but you need the technical side of wrestling. If you don't pay attention or take practices seriously, you're not going to go anywhere. You have to work hard."

It's a lesson that Moore has had to learn the hard way more than once. A year ago, he won one match at the Division III district tournament at Garfield Heights before being eliminated. Over the course of his career, Moore knows he has let some wins get away.

But the good part about defeats on the mat is they tend to be the best teaching methods.

"I've learned," Moore said. "You learn more from your losses than you do from your wins. I've taken the technical side of wrestling a lot more seriously."

But that doesn't mean he's still not stepping on the mat thinking about how to end a match quickly.

"I feel like if you take risks you'll get the reward," Moore. "If you don't take the risk, you'll never get to experience the reward."

At the same time, though, there's the importance of knowing when to take risks and when not to.

"Yes," Moore said with a smile. "I learned that lesson very well last year."

The Lakers won Saturday afternoon's dual against the Falcons 32-30.

For both Miller and Jefferson coach Cody Lewis, the sense of urgency is now all about having their wrestlers ready for the postseason.

Lewis does not have the wrestlers to make up a good dual team, but when it comes to the ones he does have, it's all about seeing what they can accomplish in March.

"Individually, we have some kids that have a chance to have a special postseason," Lewis said. "We just have to fix some small details on a couple of things. I don't think we're going to make any overnight gigantic changes two weeks before the sectionals, but you can make small adjustments and fix technique and make sure everyone is healthy."

One of the wrestlers that could have a special postseason is Jonathon Bissell.

Bissell picked up a first-period pin on Saturday for his 36th win of the season, and the 100th of his career.

Thinking back, Bissell said reaching the century mark was something he thought about, but did not know if it was realistic.

"It's a big accomplishment," he said. "I never thought I would get to 100 wins, but it was a goal. I remember my freshman year, my goal was just to be .500, but it was something that I started to realize how good I could be."

Most of Bissell's wins were in Pennsylvania where he spent his last two seasons wrestling for Sharpsville, where he was a regional qualifier.

Now in the Buckeye state, his has sights set on reaching the state tournament in Columbus.

"I'm always working on my conditioning," Bissell said of being ready for the postseason. "I think besides that, I'm pretty solid, I just have to work on some small things."