Putin continues to send conscripts to war in Ukraine - Ukrainian intelligence

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Due to heavy losses, the Russian Federation continues to recruit conscripts to the front in Ukraine.

Source: Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the Ministry of Defence on Telegram

Quote from the GUR: "Putin continues to send conscripts to the war in Ukraine. Due to high losses at the front, the occupiers are trying to urgently replenish their reserves of ‘manpower.’ Despite the Kremlin's repeated statements about the unacceptability of involving conscripts in the war, such cases are being recorded more and more often".

Details: According to intelligence, conscripts of the 98th Airborne Division (Ivanovo), which is taking part in battles in Kharkiv Oblast, have been involved in the fighting.

Also, the GUR added that due to the need to quickly replenish the army, recruits of the 8th Army of the Southern military district of the RF Armed Forces are going to Ukraine after only 4 days of training.

In addition, according to intelligence, the Russian authorities forcibly "volunteered" up to 40 medical workers from Crimea, sending them on a "free business trip" to the occupied territories of the Donetsk region. Doctors are deployed for up to 2 weeks to "help."

At the same time, the GUR noted that cases of desertion from the occupying forces are becoming more frequent. In particular, in the village of Rybalche, Kherson region, the occupiers are looking for 15 servicemen of the Russian Federation who did not want to participate in hostilities and left the unit's location.


  • On May 6, the father of Russian conscript soldier Yegor Shkrebets, who had been serving on the cruiser Moskva and was reported missing, published a response from the Russian prosecutor's office, stating that the ship did not take part in the war against Ukraine, and they don’t know where his son is.