Purdue players adjusting to Brohm's culture of competition

Stacy Clardie, GoldandBlack.com staff
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Tom Campbell

Greg Phillips saw the names pile up.

Two early enrollees, Tyler Hamilton and D'J Edwards, in the spring. Two junior college transfers, Terry Wright and Isaac Zico, to enroll in time for the start of summer conditioning. A graduate transfer, Corey Holmes, to enroll before training camp.

Each one of them, a receiver, the same position Phillips plays.

Each one, a clear indication of Purdue head coach Jeff Brohm's impressions of the talent level of that group.

Each one, a threat to steal Phillips' snaps when this was supposed to be his year.

Phillips not-so-patiently watched as DeAngelo Yancey, Domonique Young, Cameron Posey and Bilal Marshall got most of the passes thrown their way last season. As the most-experienced receiver on the roster now, senior Phillips seemed to be sitting perfectly to inherit the No. 1 role.

Until Brohm went heavy on changing the roster, adding players, sending others away.

Phillips could be ticked. Could be bitter. Could be worried.

But he's not.

He's, actually, excited with the changes.

“He basically just sent a message saying we need more playmakers and either you’re going to get it done or they’re going to get it done. When you have that positive peer pressure, all it does is bring the best out of you. I love it,” Phillips said. “I’m not complaining at all. All it is (going to do) is make me better and help me reach my full potential. I love the competition.”

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