Terminally ill Purdue student honored by Boilermakers in upset win over Ohio State

Purdue put together a dominant effort to upset No. 2 Ohio State 49-20 on Saturday. (AP Photo)
Purdue put together a dominant effort to upset No. 2 Ohio State 49-20 on Saturday. (AP Photo)

They did it for Tyler Trent, but even the loyal Purdue fan could not have imagined such a dominant effort by the Boilermakers.

“Ohio’s State such a great football team,” Trent said on ESPN about a possible Buckeyes comeback. “They’ll always have a chance.”

But they didn’t come back and Purdue, with a 49-20 upset of the No. 2 team in the country, made Trent’s dream come true.

For Tyler

Saturday’s game wasn’t memorable just for the upset. It was also a game in honor of Trent, a Purdue student who has been diagnosed with bone cancer.

He had previously been diagnosed when he was 15 years old, before he was a Purdue student. Trent battled it once, but it returned after a brief remission two years ago.

The diagnosis this third time was terminal and Trent was unable to return to school.

The ultimate sports fan

His time as a Purdue student on campus may have been limited, but Trent made the most of it as one of the school’s most loyal sports fan.

There were campouts.

And support from the volleyball team who wore “TylerStrong” warmups before a game, according to the Journal and Courier.

That was followed by his game day experience on Saturday, complete with sideline seats, a walk onto the field and a win by his team.

And of course, after the game, Trent could be found in the locker room celebrating with his team.

Boilermaker for life

Boilermakers from far and wide were supporting Trent. The fans at the game had a chant planned just for him. The Purdue Athletics department called for the chant earlier this week and the student section delivered.

They love him more than they hate rival IU, replacing their chant with a “Cancer Sucks” chant. He even received heartwarming messages from one of Purdue’s most famous alums:

As long as this win over No. 2 Ohio State will be remembered, Trent will be remembered as well. Boilermakers wouldn’t have it any other way.

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