Pump track opened by 12-year-old BMX champ

A British BMX champion has officially opened Pewsey's first pump track.

Amelie Eaton, 12, from Trowbridge, is a four time British Champion and said it was a "really good track" after riding a couple of circuits.

Although designed for mainly for bikes, pump tracks are versatile and accessible to skateboards, scooters and wheelchairs.

The track officially opened on Monday, despite being in use since December.

BMX riders riding the rolling hills of the pump track with one jumping high in the end and kicking out their back tyre towards the camera
Pewsey pump track has been in use since December but was officially opened on 27 May [BBC]

Amelie placed ninth in the 2024 UCI BMX racing world championships in South Carolina, USA, earlier this month.

Big jumps are her favourite part of the sport, alongside the camaraderie, she said.

After cutting the ribbon to open the track, Amelie rode a couple of circuits and added: "They've made a really good job getting this into good shape for people to ride."

A pump track is named after the "pumping" action riders perform to generate momentum as they race on a circuit of banked turns and rollers (or hills).

Pewsey Parish Councillors, Marilyn Hunt and Lisa Brindley stood on the edge of the pump track, Lisa with a thumb up wearing a high visibility vest and Marilyn wearing sunglasses, both smiling
Pewsey parish councillors, Marilyn Hunt (right) and Lisa Brindley (right) attended the opening [BBC]

Mike Smithers, from the parish council, made the decision to switch from a skate park to a pump track to offer versatility and to reduce noise for local residents.

A pump track is layered with tarmac making it quieter than standard skate parks.

Councillor Lisa Brindley is also part of the project team and said young people have taken really well to the new facility.

"It's great to see the older teenagers working with the toddlers," she said.

"There's a great atmosphere."

A first for Pewsey, Ms Brindley added: "It's given young people something to do, something to focus on and building new friendships rather than being bored and getting into trouble."

Councillor Marilyn Hunt said after 20 years in the making, she "can't wipe the smile off her face".

"It's just wonderful," she said.

Alexandra Knox with short black hair, smiling, with the pump track behind her
Alexandra Knox has been visiting the pump track with her five year old son [BBC]

Local resident Alexandra Knox has been bringing her five year old to the track since he got a new bike for his birthday.

She said: "He won't get off, he goes round and round for ages.

"There's lots of kids of different ages just going for it and they're all really careful of each other, it's just really lovely, and bikes is great because most kids have a bike."

Profile shot of a BMX rider with dreadlocks showing at the back of their crash helmet with riders of all ages on the track in front
All ages have been enjoying the pump track since it opened [BBC]

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