Pullman swimming sweeps home quad against Walla Walla, Grandview and Prosser

Jan. 7—PULLMAN — The defending state champion Pullman Greyhound boys swim team finished the day strong to come out on top in a home quad meet with Walla Walla, Prosser and Grandview at Pullman Aquatic Center on Saturday.

In head-to-head team scoring, the Hounds topped Grandview 140-11, Prosser 138-13 and Walla Walla 88-82.

"It came down to the wire between Walla Walla and Pullman," Greyhounds coach Jacob Hogg said. "Pullman pulled ahead in the last race of the meet by six points, and it was a really good race — really fun."

Hogg was particularly proud of the efforts of Jake McCoy, who "helped his team propel to the win even after suffering food poisoning last night." McCoy and William Miller — both returning state champions and All-Americans — posted state-qualifying individual times in the 100 backstroke (McCoy, 58.50 seconds), 100 butterfly (Miller, 56.50) and 200 freestyle (Miller, 1:53.00) during the meet, as did the Greyhounds' 200 medley (Luke Gao, McCoy, Miller, Zane Pumphrey, 1:48.30) and 400 freestyle (Miller, Pumphrey, Teo Uberuaga, McCoy, 3:34.00) relay teams.

"Really gutsy win for these boys," Hogg said.


Pullman 88, Walla Walla 82

Walla Walla 139, Prosser 12

Pullman 138, Prosser 13

Walla Walla 138, Grandview 13

Pullman 140, Grandview 11

Grandview 31, Prosser 29

State Qualifying relay times:

200 Medley Relay (required time, 1:48:30)

Luke Gao (so.), Jake McCoy (jr.), William Miller (sr.), Zaine Pumphrey (jr.), 1:42.85

400 Free relay (required time, 3:34.00)

William Miller (sr.), Zaine Pumphrey (jr.), Teo Uberuaga (sr.), Jake McCoy (jr.), 3:27.25

State Qualifying individual times:

William Miller, 200 Free, 1:45.55, (required time, 1:53.00)

William Miller, 100 Butterfly, :52.79, (required time :56.50)

Jake McCoy, 100 Back, :56.07, (required time, 58.50)

District Qualifying individual times:

200 Free (required time, 2:28.74)

Levi Ritter (so.), 2:02.54

Alden Duff (so.), 2:12.70

Sebastian Jone (so.), 2:22.16

200 Individual Medley (required time, 2:46.44)

Zaine Pumphrey (jr.) 2:14.67

Luke Gao (so.) 2:17.98

Jensen Mohr (so.) 2:40.73

50 Freestyle (required time, :27.38)

Teo Uberuaga (sr.) :24.56

Nolan Pollestad (so.) :26.11

Fabian Gomez (jr.) :26.45

Keaton Lebens (so.) :27.02

100 Butterfly (required time, 1:16.72)

Levi Ritter (so.) 1:01.06

Keaton Lebens (so.) 1:06.13

100 Freestyle (required time, 1:04.73)

Jake McCoy (jr.) :51.26

Zaine Pumphrey (jr.) :51.56

Teo Uberuaga (sr.) 52.73

Aidhan Keogh (so.) 1:01.42

Chris Druffel (jr.) 1:02.26

Connor Frye (jr.) 1:02.32

Jensen Mohr (so.) 1:03.70

500 Freestyle (required time, 7:00.72)

Luke Gao (so.) 5:45.01

Alden Duff (so.) 6:08.66

100 Backstroke (required time, 1:23.74)

Aidhan Keogh (so.) 1:15.31

Eli Carter (fr.) 1:15.34

100 Breaststroke (required time, 1:15.70)

Nolan Pollestad (so.) 1:15.65