Publicity-hungry YouTubers get into public fight

In The Know

When Logan Paul’s 17 million

Instagram followers saw his most

recent post, they thought nothing of it.

Paul had added a photo gallery

congratulating his friend Mike Majlak on

the release of his book, “The Fifth Vital.”.

An ad for the book can be seen in

the background of the first picture.

Unfortunately for Paul, fellow YouTuber James Charles

seems to have an eagle eye and excellent memory when

it comes to billboards in LA with his face on them.

Charles revealed that what looked

like a blank billboard in Paul’s Instagram .

was actually an edit job to erase a poster

for Charles’s new show, “Instant Influencer".

“Excuse me @LoganPaul I don’t f****ing think so!”

Charles tweeted. “This means war”.

Charles also went to Paul’s Instagram

and commented, “YOU DID NOT BLUR


Paul responded with an explanation on his

Instagram story, saying he didn’t think

Charles would notice and now he feels bad.

Paul then replied to Charles’s

tweet with a solution.

But perhaps Charles was coming off

harsher and angrier than he actually was.

He responded to a fan saying “don’t start a

war with Logan” by explaining “we’re friends"

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