Pryor is picked by...

Ron Bailey, Publisher
Hoya Report

With the National Basketball Association's Draft just two days away, the basketball world is buzzing about who will be picked, when and by what team. After the NBA's event, teams globally will begin securing talent. This annual right of passage, replete with drama and intrigue, basically is consuming roundball now.

One Hoya graduate, Rodney Pryor, has already been selected:

That's right, the guy who lead G'Town in scoring with 18 points a game last season has been chosen to participate in one of the oldest hoops franchises around, none other than Harlem's Globetrotters.

Having origins moored in the 1920's, the Globetrotters have thrilled crowds globally with their hoops displays of skill, athletic ability and showmanship. As its Twitter presence notes "we spread joy around the world through the game of basketball. We rarely lose".

Another Globetrotters posting indicated the 6'5" Pryor "won the 2017 College Slam Dunk Contest...his ability as a high flyer will fit our team well".

A smart and friendly guy, Pryor's ability to connect with fans during the Globetrotter's exhibitions - usually against their consistently hapless foe the Washington Generals - will be a boon for Globetrotter hoops.

Congrats Pryor!

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