Pros and cons of Ejiro Evero over Vic Fangio for the Broncos

Even before the Denver Broncos hired Sean Payton as their new head coach, reports surfaced that Payton wanted Vic Fangio to serve as his defensive coordinator on his next team.

KOA Radio reported earlier this week that the Broncos held negotiations with Fangio about a potential return to the team as DC, but Fangio ultimately decided that he will join the Miami Dolphins.

Payton then met with Evero on Thursday to speak with him about the possibility of remaining with the team in 2023.

Payton won’t have to choose between Fangio and Evero after Fangio opted to join Miami’s staff, but Denver’s new head coach likely weighed the pros and cons of each candidate before Fangio made his decision.

Pro for veteran Fangio: Not a short-term hire

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Fangio is one of the best defensive coordinators in the NFL, but he probably won’t get another head coach job anytime soon. Had the Broncos hired Fangio (or another veteran DC), it would have given the team a long-term solution at the coaching position. Payton also obviously likes Fangio and wanted him on his staff, so Fangio might have stuck around for as long as Payton does.

Pro for Evero: Continuity this year, future draft picks

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Broncos defenders love Evero and he had a brilliant first season on the job. Denver would not have to change its scheme if Evero remains with the team, and if he does eventually leave (in 2024 or later), the Broncos would receive a pair of third-round compensatory draft picks as part of the NFL’s system that rewards teams for developing minority coaches. In order to be eligible for comp picks, Denver would need Evero to remain with the club for at least one more season.

Con for Fangio: Awkward situation

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It would be awkward not only for Fangio — who would return to the team that fired him — but also for the club’s players. It’s no secret that many of the team’s defenders were not big fans of the coach, especially for the way he handled practices. Broncos players probably wouldn’t have been thrilled to see Fangio return.

Con for Evero: Likely just a short-term DC

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If the Broncos are able to talk Evero into remaining as DC in 2023, he will likely become a hot head coach candidate again in 2024, especially if Denver has a successful first season under Sean Payton. So long as the team’s defense does not take a big step backward, Evero will eventually leave to become a head coach elsewhere, in all likelihood. That will leave the Broncos to find a new DC, and Fangio will be employed elsewhere.

Verdict: Evero is the right man for the job

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With Fangio set to join the Dolphins, the Broncos need to do everything they can to try to keep Evero in Denver. While new head coach Sean Payton focuses on fixing the offense, Evero could continue operating the defense that he already has playing at a high level. The Broncos can deal with finding a hypothetical new DC down the road if Evero ever leaves to become an HC.

Story originally appeared on Broncos Wire