Problematic 'racist' video shows Zendaya with 'perfect' features

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On TikTok, people love to mess

around with celebrities’ features.

While it’s usually all fun and games, one recent video is under fire for what users are calling a “racist” reimagination of Zendaya.

The video in question, created by TikTok

user callmeaubz, begins with a photo

of Zendaya on the red carpet.

Under the photo, callmeaubz notes that

the video is part of her “giving celebrities

perfect facial features” series.

Throughout the video, callmeaubz

uses editing tools to completely

transform Zendaya’s face.

Naturally, fans are unhappy with these so-called “perfect facial features”.

Other people defended the TikTok, claiming that it was meant to show what celebrities would look like with “Golden Ratio” features

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