Pro Bowl highlights: Peyton Manning was so mad about losing to Eli

The NFL reimagined the Pro Bowl this offseason, bringing in Peyton Manning (AFC) and his brother, Eli (NFC), to spruce up the boring all-star game.

Peyton and Eli were brilliant additions to the NFL’s marketing for the Pro Bowl, as the league featured them in several funny commercials leading up to the renamed “Pro Bowl Games.” The ads alone were reason enough for the league to feel happy with the additions of Peyton and Eli.

The league also changed the format of the all-star event to include several skills challenges and three flag football games in the place of the former “tackle” game that had developed into being more of a two-hand touch game.

The flag football games might have been met with mixed reviews on social media, but it’s clear that the players — and especially Peyton and Eli — took it at least somewhat seriously and, above all, had fun.

The result was an entertaining all-star game, and that’s what the NFL is looking for in the Pro Bowl — an entertaining celebration of the league’s talent.

Peyton and Eli delivered plenty of entertainment, particularly at the end of the game when the older brother was furious about late-game officiating that played a role in the AFC’s loss to the NFC.

It was easy to see why Peyton was so upset about the loss after Eli immediately started bragging about being the better coach among the brothers.

Despite his frustration, Peyton was a good sport and shook Eli’s hand at the end.

Here are the highlights from the first flag football game:

And highlights from the “kick-tac-toe” skills competition:

Followed by the second flag football game:

Then there was the “Gridiron Gauntlet” skills challenge:

Followed by a “move the chains” drill:

And a “best catch” competition:

And finally, the third flag football game that decided it all:

The Pro Bowl Games aren’t for everyone, but plenty of fans tuned in. Sunday’s events averaged 6.28 million viewers, according to Jon Lewis of Sports Media Watch. That’s enough interest for the NFL to continue a similar format next year, so we might see Peyton and Eli return to provide more entertainment in 2024.

Story originally appeared on Broncos Wire