How Prince William and Kate Middleton's birthday post for Prince Harry differs to other royals'

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Today is a very special one in the Sussex household as it marks Prince Harry's 37th birthday – and of course the Royal Family, including The Queen, Kate Middleton, Prince William and Charles and Camilla, have taken to social media send him public birthday well wishes.

As has become custom over the years whenever it's a family member's birthday, the royals have used their Instagram and Twitter accounts to share throwback photos and sweet greetings to celebrate the occasion.

The Queen's official Instagram account (@theroyalfamily) chose to celebrate Harry by posting a collage of images on Instagram Stories, with one photo featuring his wife, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex too.

In the other two images, Prince Harry can be seen carrying out public duties – in one, he's high-fiving a young boy and in the other he appears to be in a classroom setting, looking happy and relaxed, as he listens to members of the public speak.

The Queen's birthday message was accompanied by the message: "Wishing the Duke of Sussex a Happy Birthday today!" and some rather jazzy birthday-related emojis.

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Photo credit: The Royal Family - Instagram
Photo credit: The Royal Family - Instagram

These images, along with a bonus fourth one of Prince Harry on his own, were also shared by the Royal Family's twitter account.

Prince Harry's father, Prince Charles, and his wife, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, also went the collage route with their Instagram Story post, again choosing to share three different shots of Harry along with a similar message.

"Happy Birthday to the Duke of Sussex!"

One image chosen by Charles and Camilla features a major throwback of Harry as a young boy, along with his father, imprinting their hands at the same time into a block of concrete while on a tour of South Africa in 1997.

The same three photos were also shared by Clarence House (the handle for Charles and Camilla's social channels, inspired by their royal home) over on Twitter too.

And of course, Prince Harry's older brother, Prince William, and his wife, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, also posted a birthday message – however theirs differed slightly in comparison to those shared by the Queen and the Prince of Wales.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose to share just one image of Harry, along with the message "Happy Birthday Prince Harry! 🎈", rather than rifle through the archives for snaps of Harry working during his time as a serving senior member of the family.

Photo credit: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - Instagram
Photo credit: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - Instagram

The couple shared the same image of the Duke of Sussex and message over on their Twitter account too.

We hope that however he's spending his day, Prince Harry has a great one!

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