Primetime Props: Los Angeles Rams vs. Green Bay Packers

Yahoo Betting Analyst Ariel Epstein joins Fantasy Football Live to offer a pair of player propositions as the Packers host the Rams in week 15.

Video Transcript

- All right, much less entertaining and much less consequential game on Monday night Football. Ariel, I see you have a Baker prop here. I can't wait to hear more flowers about the great Baker Mayfield. Hit us with this.

ARIEL EPSTEIN: I hear just some sarcasm in your voice. I just like to come on shows sometimes, [? Matt, ?] and say to the Fantasy Football God here across from me that, hey, I could surprise you with something. And that's what I'm doing here with the Baker Mayfield rushing yards prop. We're going over 10 and 1/2 rushing yards for Baker.

The Packers actually really struggle when they're up against mobile quarterbacks. And not that I'm saying he's necessarily mobile. However, we are talking about a quarterback that does scramble around in the pocket and sometimes gets out of it. Green Bay allowing the third most rushing yards per game to quarterbacks.

Jalen Hurts, Justin Fields, Josh Allen, even Daniel Jones, like, they have gone all over the field against Green Bay. So if you're going to get a team that's going to make Baker have to stay in the pocket a little more. Maybe he's going to have to scramble a bit. This Rams offense is completely banged up. But Baker has something to prove, he still is trying to fight for a quarterback job. And now, he has this chance to do so.

While anyone else in LA-- maybe everyone else in Green Bay, could care less about showing up on the field, Baker Mayfield is going to do what he needs to do to look like a good quarterback the way that he did last week. Could see him trying to do a bit too much with the football. I don't care. Just rush for over 10 and 1/2 yards and it's something that he's done many times in his career.

- Yeah, Baker can certainly do that stupid little boot out of the pocket when it's a clean pocket move boot to the right there. Take half the field away, which is a Super smart thing to do as a quarterback. And just on a couple of those plays, because he'll probably do it like I don't six or seven times this game. Just get 5 yards in the first one, 5 yards on the second one. And you're getting it pretty close there, Ariel.

ARIEL EPSTEIN: And then, lose a game you don't take knees. Lose the game take knees. Perfect.

- Perfect, even better. I think that is all well within the range of outcomes. And honestly, I'm just really proud of you for your bravery for even picking a Rams player there. I would of just left that alone entirely, but again.

ARIEL EPSTEIN: --do anything. Who else is proving very true on this team? Come on.

- Not a Tutu Atwell fan, I take it? Oh, hmm, that's questionable.

ARIEL EPSTEIN: I like him.

- All right.

ARIEL EPSTEIN: I've had him a few weeks in a row. He's good. He's good for over receiving yards. But listen, this is the one that stood out to me. Because I don't mess with wide receivers when I bet prop, because there's too many of them. I don't have the playbook. So I mean, at least if a defense is bad against tight ends. That they're bad against running backs.

You're really are lessening your sample size there because there's only about one to two of those that are going to get touches per position. And then, the quarterbacks of course. I don't do wide receivers. I don't mess with them.