Primetime Props: Indianapolis Colts @ Dallas Cowboys

Yahoo Betting Analyst Minty Bets joins Fantasy Football Live to offer a pair of player propositions as the Cowboys host the Colts in Week 13.

Video Transcript

TANK WILLIAMS: Oh wow, what's up? It's your boy, T Money and this is my first time in the Sportsbook. And I have to admit, it feels kind of nice in here. And you know what's even better?

I get to spend some time with the queen of the unders and the only person to make Andy Behrens face his problems instead of running away from them, Minty Bets. How are we doing? And also, do you have any more strays for Andy in that clip?

MINTY BETS: No, no shots for Andy. Sorry, Tank. But hey, I told you, I'm not queen of the unders anymore. I'm not taking any more unders for the rest of the season on this show, so be prepared, Tank.

- What?

TANK WILLIAMS: OK, we will see about that. Now first off, speaking of someone that likes to catch a lot of strays, Matt Ryan and the Colts are playing on Sunday Night Football against those Dallas Cowboys and we know Matty Ice is the most sacked quarterback in the league. But I think you have another prop that highlights something that he's good at. Do tell.

MINTY BETS: Yes. Not only is he the most sacked quarterback in the league, but he's throwing the third most interceptions. So my prop today is for Matty Ice to throw an interception. It's a little juiced at minus 160, so if you can parlay this with something, I suggest to do it.

Matt Ryan has thrown an interception in every prime-time game this season and that Cowboys defense, although they've recorded only seven picks on the season, we know this defense is stingy. So yeah, he's definitely got to throw an interception. Also, I know it's not Thursday, but he's thrown an interception in every Thursday Night Football game in his career. So I think the trends are good for--

- Oh my goodness.

MINTY BETS: --Sunday night too, OK?

TANK WILLIAMS: Wow. That is an amazing stat that I will definitely write down. OK, same game, same position, America's team with a different lean. What does Dak Prescott have in store for us?

MINTY BETS: Yeah, we're going Dak Prescott over 8 and 1/2 rushing yards. Now, on paper, this Indy defense is great against the pass. That's why I couldn't take any overs on Dak's passing props.

This Colts defense is only allowing the fifth fewest passing yards per game, only 6.4 yards per pass attempt, and the fourth fewest passing touchdowns. Dak's going to have a hard time through the air and he's going to be feeding Zeke more and possibly taking matters into his own hands, running the ball himself. He's well flown over this total in several games this season, so we're going to go over 8 and 1/2 rushing yards for Dak Prescott.