Primetime Ballers - Steelers vs. Chargers

Yahoo Daily Fantasy analyst Tank Williams offers his picks for single-game DFS contests as the Chargers host the Steelers.

Video Transcript

TANK WILLIAMS: And then the charges are coming unplugged like they normally do. They usually start off slow in the beginning of the season or falter late in the season. But right now, we're mid-season Chargering and after losing three of the last four games. But I feel like the Chargers get back on track.

So my first player is Keenan Allen. Like, the dude's been averaging 12 targets, 8 receptions per game. I understand that Pittsburgh's pass defense is tough, but my man has been trending in the right direction. I feel like he's gonna have to come up big in order for the Chargers to pull off this victory against the Steelers. I really like where they're going right now. My cousin is nowhere to be found in the past three or four games. So I feel like Keenan Allen is a solid play in this one right here.

Now you go to the flip side to the Pittsburgh Steelers, I'm going with Najee Harris because I say it almost every week because it seems like they almost play in prime time every week. That Steelers offense flows through Najee Harris, and running backs flow through the Chargers defense like Igwazu Falls. So I feel like this is a layup. Make sure you don't miss it.

Now, my guy that's gonna be the superstar for this game? Austin Ekeler. And it's another one of those things where the Pittsburgh Steelers defense is really tough against running backs. Yet I feel like in order for the Chargers to get back on track, they're gonna have to put this game in Austin Ekeler's hands whether it's him running the ball or affecting the game through the pass game. I feel like Ekeler's gonna have to have a huge impact on this game for the Chargers to get it back on track, and I think he does it tonight.